HR Green, Inc.

HR Green, Inc. is an engineering consulting firm headquartered in Cedar Rapids, IA.

HR Green was retained by the Missouri Department of Transportation and the City of Wildwood, MO to work on the redesign and expansion of Route 109 in the area surrounding the intersection at Route 100. The project included the design and development of a new roadway, multi-lane roundabout, entry and exit ramps, multi-use trails, drainage, erosion control, striping plans, lighting and signing.

The photographic challenge on this project was to reflect the broad scope of the project in a cohesive fashion. This was accomplished using a mixture of ground level and aerial photography to document the project details and provide context within the larger scale of the project.

Greater visual impact was achieved by building composite images from multiple source photos to create an informative and visually appealing composition of land, vehicles and people where none could be achieved by means of a single image. Essentially, vehicles and people were chosen from multiple images, and placed strategically within the composite image when it was not possible to coordinate the flow of traffic and the appearance of individuals in real time.